Here’s What People Ask Us

Frequently Asked

How much does it cost?
Price is commensurate with the qualifications of the teacher ranging from $60 plus per hour.

Where does the tutoring take place?
You have some flexibility depending on the tutor’s timetable and availability. Most tutors com e to your home or to an agreed upon quiet place such as a school or public library. Some teachers tutor out of their home.

What is your cancellation policy?
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Do you do an assessment?
An assessment can be done in order to establish an initial academic benchmark, focus for the tutor and learning objectives. The child may be re-evaluated to provide progress feedback.

Do you provide a report card?
Written report cards can be provided to parents quarterly. Tutors arrange for verbal or email feedback to the parents as required.

What if we don’t like the tutor?
Your satisfaction is important to us and we value your feedback. We will contact you to ensure a high quality service and obtain constructive feedback on behalf of the teacher. We can discuss changes if necessary.

Why is Totally Tutors different from other agencies?

We take care in matching your child to a tutor.
A great match means that the tutor has deep knowledge in the subject matter and the ability to teach to your child’s interests, personality and learning style. One-on-one tutoring, done right. 

Your child has the same teacher every time for a one-on-one tutoring session.
This optimizes your child’s ability to bond with the tutor and to succeed in a timely fashion.

All of our tutors are Ontario certified teachers who understand the Ontario Ministry of Education requirements.
We do a thorough screening of all teachers to ensure that our tutors are experienced, professional, motivated and love to teach. All have undergone police checks and completed our Totally Tutors TM training.

We assess your child’s abilities before tutoring begins.
This allows our tutors to establish individualized learning plans and to set goals.

Our tutors provide regular progress reports.
We ensure that learning strategies are working and goals are met consistently by offering frequent evaluation reports.

Tutoring is made available at a time and location that suits your lifestyle and schedule.
Services can be provided at your home, the teacher’s home, an agreed upon quiet place.