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If you are a certified teaching professional, love teaching and
have a passion for helping young people achieve their academic
potential then consider joining the Totally Tutors™ team of
teachers and consultants. You focus on teaching. We manage the business.

We set you up in your own business.
We locate the students to match your credentials.

Students are matched to your area of expertise.
You teach only the students who give you the greatest satisfaction.

We handle all day-to-day scheduling needs.
You spend less time scheduling and more time teaching.

Your pay is commensurate with your qualifications.
You receive above market pay for your services.

We bill the parent and collect on your behalf.
There is no hassle getting paid on time or producing invoices.

We offer access to other teaching consultants for professional development.
You can network with teachers from other boards to share resources.

You receive a strong administration team.
We provide deep knowledge of the educational system plus consultation on how to set up your own business and optimize tax benefits.

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